SHIVAM DIXIT, Author at Panchjanya


Shivam Dixit started his career in journalism from 2015. He first worked as Special Correspondent in Mansukh Times (Weekly Newspaper) and later came to Delhi and worked as Digital Editor in Sanchar Times Media Group.

After this he joined the News Network of India (NNI) and held the post of Reporter Coordinator in India's paper here. After successfully launching India's Paper Project, Shivam Dixit started his new innings as Social Media In-charge at News1India, Dainik Hint and Niwan Times.

After working in various media organizations for many years, Shivam Dixit is currently working in the national weekly 'Panchjanya' continuously since 1948.

Talking about his achievements, he managed 500 websites of various newspapers of "India's Papers" as manager in NNI. Talking about the output of this project, this project was registered in Limca Book of Records.

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