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Multi Colour
Full Page Rs. 95,000/-
Half Page Rs. 48,000/-
Per Col. Cm. Rs. 500/-
Special Discount on Direct Internet Edition.
Black & White
Full Page Rs. 47,500/-
Half Page Rs. 24,000/-
Per Col. Cm. Rs. 250/-
Special page or Position and internet uplinking.
25% extra
Mechanical Data Tabloid Issue Magazine Issue
Printing Process Web. Offset Web. Offset
Printing Area per page 190 col. cms. 23 x 17.5 cms
Number of Columns 5 (Five) 3 (Three)
Width of Column 4.87 cms. 5.80 cms.
Lengh of Column 38 cms 23 cms
Material required Art pull/design Art pull/design